Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Problem of Suffering and Evil Part 4

This week’s post continues Dr. Craig’s explanation of why the probabilistic version of the problem of evil fails to disprove the existence of God.  Beginning with examples from science (chaos theory) and popular culture (the movie “Sliding Doors”), Dr. Craig demonstrates how it is impossible for us in our finite capacities to make any claims regarding the probabilities of why God would allow evil or suffering.  He further explains that the ethical theory of utilitarianism fails for the same reason.

He then goes on to demonstrate that God’s existence remains more probable relative to the full scope of the evidence. The interesting question isn’t “Is God’s existence improbable because of evil and suffering?” but “What is the probability of God’s existence relative to the full scope of evidence?”

Finally, he explains the first of four Christian doctrines that increases the coexistence of God and evil and suffering in the world: the purpose of life.

Go here to listen to the audio or read the transcript here.

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