Saturday, May 24, 2014

Abdu Murray on Appealing Only to the Mind

"Christian apologists (me included) struggle with the temptation to focus too heavily on answers that appeal only to the mind. We can completely denude the gospel of its existential power and profundity by trying to outsmart challengers to the faith or just win debates. The late Francis Schaeffer was intensely focused on using the right balance of argumentation and grace. "You are not trying to win an argument or to knock someone down," he said. "You are seeking to win a person, a person made in the image of God.  This is not about your winning; it is not about your ego. If that is your approach, all you will do is arouse their pride and make it more difficult for them to hear what you have to say."

Stand firm in Christ,



Murray, Abdu. Grand Central Question. Page 40.

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Quasi-Paul said...

Thanks for this post. Every so often, it helps to be reminded of this. I've fallen into it on a few occasions and it harmed my evangelistic efforts.