Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Book Highlight: Grand Central Question

I will be reading through the subject book by Abdu Murray in the weeks to come and providing highlights along the way.  Murray focuses on three main worldviews and the question that is central to them:

Secular humanism:  What is the inherent value of human beings?
Pantheism:  How do we escape suffering?
Islam:  How is God great?

In the opinion of Josh McDowell, Murray shows in these pages how the gospel answers life's fundamental questions coherently.

For now we begin with the Prologue:  What Truth Costs - What Truth is Worth. Here Murray reminds us that truth is costly and the cost varies from person to person. It may be the family or the immoral lifestyle one may lose by embracing Christ, but it costs something. He reminds us of this because Jesus reminded his own disciples of this in Luke 14:27-33. And because the truth is costly, Murray notes "how duplicitously we can act when it comes to the truth. We can offer platitudes to imply we want the truth, no matter what it may mean, but we seldom act accordingly" (Page 17).

He then suggests three ways to bring the cost of truth to the surface in order for it to be addressed before the tough intellectual questions can be addressed:

1. Answer questions with questions.
2. Listen carefully for the cost.
3. Show that the truth is worth the cost.

Thank you to InterVarsity Press for the review copy.

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