Tuesday, July 08, 2014

A Gentleman and His Cell Phone

I believe that part of being an effective ambassador for Jesus Christ is to live as good Christian gentlemen and ladies.  I picked up a small book titled How to be a Gentleman by Jerry Bridges and it includes advice for the man wanting to improve upon his gentlemanly behavior.

There is one section of the book that deals with cell phones and I thought it was worth sharing. Ladies, these apply to you as well!

A gentleman knows that it is appropriate for him to use his cell phone...

  • if he is alone
  • if he is certain that his conversation will not disturb or annoy others
  • if he is a doctor, receiving a call from his answering service or from his office
  • if he is a father, expecting a report from his children or from their babysitter
  • if he is at a raucous event such as a football game, where his shouting will only add to the general uproar
  • if it is truly necessary for him to bring another person into the conversation at a business meeting, at that very moment
  • if he truly believes there is a chance that an emergency is in the offing

A gentlemen does not use his cell phone...

  • when he is behind the wheel of a vehicle, of any type
  • in the midst of a church service or during a theater performance, a movie, or at a convert
  • at a table in a restaurant of any type-be it fast food or first class
  • in the waiting room, or in the examining room, at the doctor's office
  • when standing in line at the grocery store, the post office, a deli, or any other place where customers may find themselves trapped as unwilling witnesses to his conversation
  • in an elevator, unless he is alone, or in the company of only friends or coworkers
  • in the workout room at his gym
  • on the "quiet car" of a train
  • in the cabin of an airplane, unless some actual, dire emergency demands it
  • in any place where signage, or a public announcement, notifies him that the use of cell phones is not permitted
Courage and Godspeed,

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