Saturday, August 02, 2014

Article: Putting on the Glasses of Truth by Kenneth Samples

In this featured article, Kenneth Samples of Reasons to Believe explains how to test a worldview to evaluate it's truth or falsehood.

Samples writes:

"Because various worldviews come to fundamentally different conclusions about the big questions of life, logic says they cannot all be true. Naturalism says nature is the sole reality. Pantheism claims all is God and God is all. Christian theism insists that the world is the product of an infinite, eternal, personal Creator God. So how should a person choose one worldview over another? Are there ways of putting world-and-life views to the test? The answer is yes. Several tests can evaluate the truth.

These tests apply methods of critical thinking to various aspects of a worldview. Individual tests are not completely distinct, but instead overlap and affect each other. They can and should work in a complementary fashion to help an individual arrive at the most thoroughly acceptable perspective."

You can read the entire article here.

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