Thursday, September 11, 2014

Video: Should Marriage be Changed to Promote Same-Sex Couples?

This video argues that traditional marriage benefits society while same-sex marriage does not.

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Geoffrey Charles said...

"Natural marriage best raises children"

My first thought is that children raised by homosexuals may be more likely to be bullied by others and sensitive to anti-gay stereotypes, cultures, societies, etc, which may disproportionately (relative to children raised by heterosexuals) affect their behavior and mental health. I'm sure that researchers have tried to control for these confounding factors. Do you know of any such studies?

On a more general note, a gay-marriage proponent may agree with all the points supporting natural marriage. The points can all be true and a person can still promote gay-marriage. The points don't contradict the pro-gay marriage position.

On a different note, the video claims married men are less likely to commit crimes, and then claims there are no benefits to gay marriage. This seems to be a contradiction.