Thursday, November 06, 2014

Physicist Paul Davies on the Beginning of the Universe

"Today, few cosmologists doubt that the universe, at least as we know it, did have an origin at a finite moment in the past.  The alternative-that the universe has always existed in one form or another-runs into a rather basic paradox.  The sun and stars cannot keep burning forever: sooner or later they will run out of fuel and die.

The same is true of all irreversible physical processes; the stock of energy available in the universe to drive them is finite, and cannot last for eternity.  This example of the so-called second law of thermodynamics, which, applied to the entire cosmos, predicts that it is stuck on a one-way slide of degeneration and decay towards a final state of maximum entropy, or disorder.  As this final state has not yet been reached, it follows that the universe cannot have existed for an infinite time." [1]

Courage and Godspeed,

1. As quoted by William Lane Craig in Reasonable Faith 3rd Ed., p. 144.

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