Monday, March 09, 2015

Book Highlight: Why Trust Jesus? by Dave Sterrett

Introduction:  The Need for Transparent Trust

Sterrett begins his work by presenting struggles faced by himself, his family and others. He writes of the death of his sisters due to their premature births, the Virginia Tech shooting, of a female Christian student let down by her father and used by men claiming to be Christians, and a few others. In the midst of the pain, disappointment and disillusionment we face, who can we trust? He writes:

In this book, we’ll examine some tough questions that can create roadblocks that keep us from trusting Jesus on our life’s journey. This book will provide some real spiritual answers that give philosophical, historical, scientific, biblical, and relational evidence to trust in Jesus. The answers will serve as strong foundation to trust Jesus even when life gets difficult.1

The tough questions Sterrett will provide answers to are:
  • Why should I trust Jesus when there are so many other spiritual paths?
  • Why should I trust Jesus when I'm not sure that a supernatural God is real?
  • Why should I trust Jesus when I have been let down so many times?
  • Why should I trust Jesus when life seems to be going just fine without Him?
  • Why should I trust Jesus when all I need to do is trust myself?
  • Why should I trust Jesus when there is so much disagreement about the identity of the "Real Jesus"?
  • Why should I trust Jesus in the midst of suffering and death?
  • Why should I trust jesus when I have failed so many times?

Sterrett connects with the readers through this introduction. His presentation of hardship after hardship tells us that he has seriously wrestled with the questions above.  Through it he also demonstrates that this book is not merely providing intellectual answers but that it is providing intellectual and emotional answers. He shows that the mind and heart will not be dealt with separately in this book; as they rightly should not.

Forthcoming:  A review of Chapter One:  Why Should I Trust Jesus When There Are So Many Other Spiritual Paths?

Thanks to Dave Sterrett for the review copy!

Stand firm in Christ,

1. Pages 22 – 23.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this review. I am looking forward to reading the chapters.

Chase said...


You are welcome. Thank you for your readership and encouragement!