Thursday, April 02, 2015

Article: The Commitment of the Apostles Confirms the Truth of the Resurrection by J. Warner Wallace

In this featured article, J. Warner Wallace contends that the commitment of the apostles to the testimony that Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to them provides powerful evidence that Jesus did in fact rise from the dead!

Jim writes:

"Many people are willing to die for what they don’t know is a lie. Martyrdom doesn’t confirm the truth, especially when the martyrs don’t have first-hand access to the claim for which they’re dying. But this wasn’t the case for the disciples of Jesus. They were in a unique position: they knew if the claims about Jesus were true. They were present for the life, ministry, death and alleged resurrection of Jesus. If the claims about Jesus were a lie, the disciples would have known it (in fact they would have been the source of the lie). That’s why their commitment to their testimony was (and is) so compelling. Unlike the rest of us, their willingness to die for their claims has tremendous evidential value. In fact, the commitment of the apostles confirms the truth of the resurrection."

You can read the entire article here.

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