Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Article: Why Environmentalism and Animal Rights Are Dependent on a Christian Worldview by J. Warner Wallace

J. Warner Wallace has written an excellent article that questions whether or not atheism or Christian theism best grounds environmentalism and animal rights.  Jim writes:

"For many who deny the existence of the Christian God, environmentalism and the cause of animal rights have become a religion of sorts. The movement has its own doctrinal beliefs, its own set of commandments and its own set of prescribed consequences. At times, the doctrinal beliefs seem self-contradictory. I have many friends who fight vehemently for the rights of animals while supporting the abortion of humans. Maybe contradictions of this sort are the result of improper 'grounding'."

You checkout the rest of the article here.

Further, I highly recommend Jim's book Cold-Case Christianity.  You can find our review here.

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John Moore said...

This argument is not just good for environmentalism, but for ANY field of interest. God gave us dominion over all creation, and that's the only possible reason why we would be concerned about environmentalism. If God did not tell us to do something, then there's simply no grounding for that pursuit. Because atheism itself has no grounding. And there's no reason to do anything at all without grounding. Or are we missing something?