Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lenny Esposito on Apologetics

"As apologetics wrestles with the conflicts people face in defending their faith against the social and cultural disintegration we see happening around us, it becomes incredibly relevant. A lot of people have doubts or very difficult questions that they are afraid to share with others, thinking they would be perceived as weak in their faith. Yet, the church should be the first place they come to find answers. Young people are especially searching to find the answers to a host of issues. Their friends and teachers will many times contradict what they've been taught at home or at church and they simply don't know how sift through the milieu to find out what is true. Apologetics can help them get the right answers and help them to share those with others, vindicating them when they are defamed."

Courage and Godspeed,

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John Moore said...

To all those "defending their faith against the social and cultural disintegration," I just want to say fear not! No amount of social or cultural disintegration can cause your faith to lose justification.

Looking at it the other way, your faith is not justified by a culture of obedient, pious Christianity in the world around you. That's not why you have faith! So again, I'd just like to say "relax" because Christianity is never threatened by the culture.


By the way, I got a personal email from "william" at btinternet - thanks for your message, William!