Monday, July 27, 2015

Discrimination: The Most Hated People Group in America

Every American matters

In the subject series, Brian Fisher of Online for Life discusses how and why the preborn are the most hated people group in America.  Below is an excerpt from the series:

We Americans pride ourselves on being a just society. We want equal rights, fairness for all. We puff up our chests while reciting the Declaration of Independence and claiming we are the most civilized society on the planet.
And yet, we’ve killed over 57 million of our own citizens in just four decades, and we’ve chosen victims who have no ability to defend themselves. We are the most egregious of bullies, picking on an entire class of humans who can’t fight back.
Civilized? Hardly.
We continue to discriminate against a class of humans for our own selfish benefit, creatively disguising the mass killings as our right.
Because we, as a country, hate the preborn.

You can read all three installments below:

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Stand firm in Christ and stand firm for the preborn,

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