Thursday, July 02, 2015

Share Your Thoughts: Christians and Religious Freedom in America

Followers of Christ have various views on how much they should be involved in the political arena.  Since the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage this past Friday, it seems this is  a hot topic, understandably so.

One view among Christians that I have heard is that it would be better for the sake of the gospel if believers in America lost their religious freedoms and were persecuted.  The idea is that the gospel is growing like wildfire in China under persecution so it would be most advantageous for American believers to be persecuted as well.

What do you think?  Do you think it would be a good thing if American Christians lost their liberties and experienced severe persecution?

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Raymond Usell said...

My hope is that recent events will motivate Christians to become politically informed and vote. For at least the last 3-4 election cycles, some 40 million Christians did not vote. That number could have swung most elections in a better direction than was the case. Many primary elections would have given us better choices in the general elections. Sure, sometimes the choice is the lesser of two evils. At least come out and vote for the lessor! Turn the ship of state slowly , BUT TURN IT. If more Christians were active citizens instead of spectators, better candidates would come forth. Please ask every Christian you know to be sure to register to vote (about half don't register), become informed, and VOTE (only half of those registered actually vote.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people don't see much difference from either party, or any candidates, so hence they don't vote. We just keep getting more of the same with different parties. Carroll Quigley once said, presidents change but policies remain the same. I think this is true in the big picture these days, which disappoints a boat load of evangelicals. Large majorities don't believe our elected officials represent the public, no matter how loudly we protest, but rather big money. I think we have to revamp our systems to be fairer, more transparent and open to many more solutions than a two party system offers. We are going down fast with what we have done so far. Things are not getting better for a majority of Americans, or believers, no matter what party, what race, or gender is in office.

Chad said...

Hello Anonymous One,

I think your comment highlights some common frustrations among Americans; however, as Pastor Wayne Grudem argues here, the parties certainly are different.


Steve said...

The idea of welcoming the sins of persecution as a justification of an end that may or may not result strikes me as colossally foolish.

Raymond is right -- Christians not voting is the problem. We EASILY have the numbers to win every election if we did so, and it's highly disappointing that we don't. Unfortunately, I get the impression that laziness is a big factor.

Many complain that there are only sketchy establishment corporatists in the General Election, and when I ask if they voted in the primary, far too many admit they did not. WHEN YOU DON'T VOTE IN PRIMARIES, YOU LET COMPROMISED PEOPLE WIN!!!

Even when very imperfect people get nominated, being an obsessive purist to the point of not voting is a mistake. Part of being an adult is in recognizing that most choices in life are between gradations of imperfection. There almost never is a "tie", and choosing the least imperfect is not a sin -- it's called "survival".

Another option for the purists, if they simply can't stomach any of the choices, is to run for office.

Anonymous said...

Chad, reread what I said. In the BIG picture there isn't much difference. I realize that there are small nuances that are different but there is a large agenda that each party plays a part in to further their part of the puzzle. They may throw Christians a bone in certain areas to pacify us, but behind our backs they are going ahead with their plans. Can anyone honestly say things are better today than 10 or 20 years ago? Yet we have had both Democrats and Republicans in charge during those many years AND still things are going downhill. The only way to change a country is to change hearts. Nothing else will make a permanent fix. To think that men and women, a large majority are not believers, are going to heal our country is not in line with the Bible yet believers are wasting their time pushing these parties rather than Jesus. Just my opinion.

Chad said...

Hello again Anonymous One,

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate the discussion and for the opportunity to share ideas.

I certainly agree that for the follower of Christ, sharing the gospel should be first and foremost and that we should not put our faith in politics or parties, but in God.

May I ask you a question? I can't tell from your comment, and I don't want to assume I know your view, but are you saying that Christians ought not be involved in politics at all? I'd like to make sure I understand your view before proceeding further.

Thank you for your time!