Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Should Men Be Able to Back Out of Pregnancy?

In this blog post, Clinton Wilcox of the Life Training Institute, responds to the pro-abortion meme to the right he has seen floating around social media.

I think he responds well. Especially his critical point that when a woman backs out of a pregnancy she ends the life of her child.

The main thought I had in response to this meme is that its argument attempts to completely divorce a woman from the maternal relationship and responsibility she has to the child conceived within her.  It makes the child seem like an intruder when he or she is not. The woman's body is doing what it naturally does when intercourse occurs - conceiving a new human life. Regardless of how the conception occurred, she is now the de facto guardian of the child.

What are your thought's on this meme? What about Wilcox's answer? And what about my additional thoughts?  Sound off in the comments section!

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tearfang said...

1 word:

So this charge of a double standard is ignorant and vacuous.

Even if it was legal for a parent to irresponsibility abandon their child, the argument still fails the logic test: How does that justify killing it? Surely neither the mother not the father can slaughter their infant just because their spouse turns out to be a no good looser who abandons the family to live a depraved life.