Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Are Thoughts Nothing More Than Physical, Material States?

In his new book, God's Crime Scene, author, speaker and detective J. Warner Wallace explains what the ramifications are for the skeptic who believes that our thoughts are nothing more than physical, material states:

"...if our thoughts are nothing more than physical, material states, none of us would have the freedom to think rationally....Physical brains are subject to the laws of physics; mental states are subject to the laws of logic.  Those who think mental states are entirely physical hold a logically contradictory position.  In order to think rationally about their thoughts, they must have the freedom to do so, but this freedom is unavailable if the laws of physics are chemistry are controlling their thoughts.  The fact skeptics are free to believe their thoughts are entirely physical is evidence their thoughts are not entirely physical." [1]

You can find our review of God's Crime Scene here.

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1. J. Warner Wallace, God's Crime Scene, p. 132.

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