Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Counterpoints: Dr. Jerry Coyne and Dr. William Lane Craig



I have it all summed up in this aphorism I like to use which is that in science faith is a vice, and in religion it is a virtue. (1)


The very differentiation between vices and virtues is a philosophical, not a scientific, distinction, and science is fraught with assumptions that cannot be proven scientifically. So faith is operative in science in many different ways in terms of belief in the validity of inductive reasoning, in belief in the laws of logic, in belief in mathematics, in the ethical values that guide scientific research and reporting, in the belief that we are able to have knowledge of an external world rather than merely an illusion. It is outrageously naive to think that science operates without faith. (2)

1.  For the complete Dr. Coyne Interview with Sam Harris, please go here      

2.  For the complete Reasonable Faith podcast, please go here

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