Friday, December 02, 2016

Scholars and Apologists Weigh in on the First Christmas

Here is a collection of Research Materials for Christmas:


Star-Studded Wise Men: Rethinking the Christmas Story by Ben Witherington

The First Christmas: Myths and Reality by Paul Copan

The Birth of God by William Lane Craig

On the Miracle of Christmas by Chad A. Gross

Is Christmas Paganby Greg Koukl

Christmas is Christmas because Jesus is God by J. Warner Wallace

The Gift of Christmas was Predicted with the Gift Prophecy by J. Warner Wallace

Why Didn't Paul Mention the Virgin Conception? by J. Warner Wallace

What Do We Mean When We Use the Word "Virgin Conception?" by J. Warner Wallace

Christmas Resources from Apologetics315

Is There Proof that Jesus was Born of a Virgin? by Sean McDowell

Christmas Resources 2016 by Triablogue

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