Friday, April 08, 2016

Natasha Crain on Young People and Spiritual Training

"Young people are turning away from faith because they've accepted the popular claims that Christianity is irrational, antiscience, intolerant, and based on an irrelevant ancient book.  These claims have compelling answers from a Christian worldview, but young people aren't leaving home equipped with those answers.  For example, fewer than 1 in 10 Christian families read the Bible together during a typical week, and a study of 11,000 teenagers showed that only 12 percent of youth have regular conversations with their mom on faith issues.  Most kids growing up in Christian homes aren't receiving anything remotely resembling the spiritual training they need to have a lasting faith."1

Our review of Natasha's new book Keeping Your Kids on God's Side is forthcoming!

You can learn more about her work here.

Courage and Godspeed,

1. Natasha Crain, Keeping Your Kids on God's Side, p. 12.

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