Monday, July 18, 2016

Is God Pro-Abortion? A Response to Numbers Chapter 5

Some have interpreted from Numbers Chapter 5 that God's judgement on an adulterous woman is the miscarriage of the pre-born child conceived through the affair. Below is a summary of the response the Life Training Institute provides to this challenge:

  • There is no indication that the woman in this scenario is pregnant. 
  • A questionable interpretation of the text must be relied upon in order to hold this view. 
  • The case can be made that sterility or barrenness is being spoken of, not miscarriage. 
  • Even if the interpretation that the judgment from God on the adulterous woman is miscarriage is correct; it does not follow that abortion on demand is morally permissible; it does not follow that elective abortion is permissible in special circumstances such as adultery; and it does not follow that God is pro-abortion. 

The post can be read in full here.

Stand firm in Christ and firm for the preborn,

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