Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Video: Hot Seat with a Philosopher featuring J.P. Moreland

In this featured video from Theology, Philosophy and Science philosopher J.P. Moreland is interviewed and answers numerous questions including:

- What is the purpose of apologetics?
- Why is it important to love God with all your mind?
- Why do young people leave the faith?
- How can you know God exists?
- What are some arguments for God's existence? (cosmological, genetic code, objective morality)
- If God, why evil?
- Why is Jesus the only way to heaven?
- Why would God send "good people" to hell?
- Why would God send people to hell for eternity for a finite number of sins?
- Will people be able to sin in heaven?
- Has your confidence that Christianity is true increased?
- Is the Bible reliable?
- Did Jesus rise from the dead?


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