Saturday, October 01, 2016

Interview: William Lane Craig on the Impact of C.S. Lewis

This video features an interview that William Lane Craig did near the 50th Anniversary of C.S. Lewis's death.  In the interview, Dr. Craig discusses:
  • The Kalam Cosmological Argument
  • Critics who would say, "The Kalam Argument doesn't get you to Christianity."
  • Lewis's famous Trilemma
  • Understanding the historical Jesus
  • What Jesus meant when He referred to Himself as the "Son of God" and the "Son of Man"
  • Lewis' famous encounter with Elizabeth Anscombe at the Socratic Club debate in 1948
  • The Argument from Reason as presented by C.S. Lewis and Alvin Plantinga
  • Lewis's hall and the rooms analogy for "Mere Christianity"
  • The absurdity of life without God
  • The enduring value of Lewis's arguments
If you are not familiar with the work of C.S. Lewis, you can get started here or you can checkout our "Related Links" below.

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