Saturday, March 18, 2017

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

2,000-Year-Old Road Unearthed in Bet Shemesh

Student Satanists Announce Lamb Sacrifice and Bible Burning at Clemson U

AI’s PR Problem

Democrats Kill Bill to Protect Babies Born Alive After Botched Abortions

Portuguese Feminists Abort Jesus in Front of Catholic Church

Evangelicals Need to Stop being Wimps

McCain Calls On Trump To Put Up Or Shut Up On Wiretapping

Southern Baptists Consider Dumping Moore For Opposing Trump. That's A Bad Move

Conservatives Should Follow Cruz on Republican Health Plan

Want to Adopt? 5 Kansas Children in Need of a Loving Home Are Looking to Be Adopted Together

Ex-Luciferian Satanist Jacob McKelvy Saved by God

Scott Hamilton Reveals His Third Brain Tumor Has Shrunk Without Treatment: I Was the Recipient of a Spectacular Miracle

Christian mom cancels $6,000 Disneyland trip over 'Beauty and the Beast' gay character

Atheists at risk of dying out due to belief in contraception, study claims

Why the Muratorian Fragment is a Big Deal and What You Need to Know About It

Russell Moore survives attempted coup over his criticism of Donald Trump

Update: Continue to Pray for Pastor Raymond Koh, Abducted in Malaysia

Author N.T. Wright visits Houston Baptist University

Research on Ancient DNA Could Test Predictions of Non-Darwinian Speciation Models

Protein-Binding Sites ENCODEd into the Design of the Human Genome

Egypt extracts torso of 'Pharaoh Ramses II' statue from mud  Update

White House apologizes to British government over spying claims

‘After School Satan Club’ Received Fast-Tracked Tax-Exempt Status from IRS

This is the ‘Single Greatest Contributor’ to Millennials Abandoning Faith According to New Book

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