Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pt. 4- Four Dishonest Ways to Argue about Abortion

This post is the 4th (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and final in our series addressing dishonest arguments commonly offered by abortion-choice advocates.  The arguments featured come from Stand to Reason's "Pro-Life Defense" Quick-Reference Guide. This is an excellent resource that we highly recommend!

This week's featured argument is the one I have seen most commonly used.

4. Disguise your true position by appealing to the "hard" cases.

Rape is profoundly evil.  It is sometimes easy to forget this in a rush to oppose abortion.  But to truly arrive at a proper understanding of this, we simply cannot ignore everything we've discussed up to this point.  We've looked at a case for the full humanity of the unborn from the moment of conception.  If this case is correct, then are we dealing with one victim or two?

Can you think of any other situation where we would force-not ask, force-one innocent human being to give up his or her life so that someone else could feel better?  Does hardship justify homicide?

Can one horrible act of violence against an innocent human being-the woman-be redeemed by performing another act of violence against an innocent human being-the child?  Forget innocent people for a moment.  Would we allow the rape victim to shoot the guilty rapist to make her feel better?  If not, why allow the innocent child to be killed for the same reason?  Perhaps we simply do not believe the unborn are human.  If so, rape would no longer be the real issue.  The issue would be: What is the unborn?

Unfortunately, some abortion advocates will appeal to the "rape exception" not with the intention of protecting victims of sexual assault, but as a means of justifying abortion on demand for any reason at all.  Victims of rape deserve our best care.  However, the pain of such a violent act cannot be healed by destroying another innocent human being.  The child should not be punished for the crime of his father.

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