Saturday, April 29, 2017

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

'Hobbit' species did not evolve from ancestor of modern humans, research finds

The ‘March For Science’ Shows How Carl Sagan Ruined Science

March for Science: Bill Nye rallies thousands in DC amid threat of Trump budget cuts

These mothers of suicides don’t think marijuana is harmless

Supreme Court justices side with church in playground dispute

Defense Department expands its list of recognized religions

ISIS Attacks Major Christian Monastery in Egypt

Once pro-life, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin now says he ‘stands with Planned Parenthood’

Three Christian Scientists Explain Why They are Marching for Science

Bill Nye dismisses Princeton prof as ‘climate change denier’

Bill Nye, Rachel Bloom Team for Transgender Anthem ‘Sex Junk’ (Video)

Report: German Jews Fear Growing Muslim Anti-Semitism

Lions Reportedly Save Pastor and His Friends from Attack by Islamic Extremists

Planned Parenthood founded on racism, belief in protecting society against ‘the unfit’

DNC Chair Calls for Abortion Rights Litmus Test for Democrats

Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say

Hobby Lobby CEO and Founder Releases New Book, Shares Inside Details of the 2014 Supreme Court Case

Experts urge caution in letting teens watch Netflix's ‘13 Reasons Why'

Templeton Prize Winner: Alvin Plantinga, Who Proved God’s Not Dead in Academia

The Genocide Of Down Syndrome Infants Continues Unabated

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Female genital mutilation and what we're really talking about beneath the weasel words 'genital cutting'

Bill Nye’s View Of Humanity Is Repulsive

Zondervan Acquires Hannah Brencher, Entrepreneur and TED Talk Speaker

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