Saturday, April 01, 2017

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

Scientology: What exactly is it?

Site of Jesus' tomb re-opens following painstaking restoration in Jerusalem

Movie Trailer: Saban's Power Rangers

'Case for Christ' Star Mike Vogel on His Role in the Film and How the Book Influenced Him

Assisted Suicide Loses in Hawaii

Film trailer for Jonathan Wells’s new book, Zombie Science

‘We’re going to be living with Obamacare’

More than 20 million in Africa, Middle East at risk of starvation

Canada is harvesting the organs of euthanasia patients

Atheist Bill Maher: 'I Never Hear Anybody Go 'Merry Christmas'' Before a Bomb Goes Off

Cancer-Stricken Nabeel Qureshi Saw Jesus in a Dream, Was Given 'Prophetic Act' to Carry Out

'The Shack' Book Sales Soar, Tops Best-Seller Lists Despite Controversy

Moms sell ‘Barbie hijabs’ to teach inclusiveness: ‘They will grow into a kinder generation’

NC School District Fights to Keep Pro-Transgender Message in First-Grade Curriculum

Christian Student Reprimanded for Disagreeing with Muslim Professor about the Resurrection

Former Planned Parenthood Medical Director: “Pay Attention to Who’s in the Room” When Infants Are Born Alive

California charges undercover Planned Parenthood filmmakers with 15 felonies

China Admits to the Greatest Slaughter in Human History

North Carolina lawmakers set to vote on 'bathroom bill' repeal, gay rights advocates slam deal

Planned Parenthood Can Break the Law, But Undercover Journalists Can’t Expose It

BREAKING: Senate overturns Obama rule forcing states to fund Planned Parenthood

New children’s book portrays Santa as gay black man in interracial marriage

Mike Pence's Respect For His Wife and Professional Women Should Be Applauded

Trump on Freedom Caucus: 'We must fight them'

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