Saturday, April 15, 2017

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

Bangladesh Family: ‘Vogue’ Model Killed for Refusing to Wear Islamic Garments

Spectator: Egypt’s Palm Sunday Massacre Was ‘Attack on Christianity’

‘Bible Answer Man’ Converts to Orthodoxy
San Bernardino elementary school shooting: Teacher, 8-year-old student killed in murder-suicide

The Origins of the Easter Bunny: Where Did This Bizarre Tradition Begin?

Planned Parenthood honors Hillary Clinton as ‘champion of the century’

Meet the congressman who is pushing for a Charles Darwin Day

Texas Board of Education Under Pressure to Make It Harder for Teachers and Students to Evaluate the Evidence for Biological and Chemical Evolution

‘Fight for me’

Sounding the alarm

Just Give Me Jesus: A Closer Look at Christians Who Don't Go to Church

Muslim births projected to outnumber Christian births globally by 2035

Sister of American Pastor Jailed in Turkey: ‘We Believe God is with Him’

'The Case for Christ' in Top 10 at Box Office

Planet Earth II: Missing the Maker in the Majesty

Brazil: Evangelical Churches Growing in Poorest Communities

Actor Mr. T Shares Importance of Faith in His Life

Mainstream Conservative News Site Reviews the Case for Christ Movie

Judge Says Hospital Can Remove Baby’s Life Support Without His Parents’ Consent

UN Child Sex Ring Had Many Victims, but No Arrests for Peacekeepers

Trendy to be Transgender: Child Psychologist Says Many Kids Confused on Gender Identity

March For Science Descending Into Farce

7 Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Saw The Case for Christ

Princeton Seminary President: Tim Keller Controversy Showed 'Painful Fracture' Among Reformed Churches

My Philosophy of Mental Illness

The Exodus: Fact or Fiction?- Evidence of Israel’s Exodus from Egypt

Teens are becoming transgender because it’s trendy, expert says

Trump: ‘I authorized my military’ to drop the MOAB in Afghanistan

Christians in Philippines nail themselves to crosses and furiously whip themselves as act of penitence in Good Friday ritual

March for Science defends ISIS?

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