Monday, June 05, 2017

Just Visiting

May I ask a few questions?

Did you notice visitors in your church on Sunday?
Did you take an opportunity to greet them?
What were their names?
Do they live nearby or are they just visiting?
Are they new to the area?
Did you offer for them to sit with you?
Did they need assistance with anything?
Are they committed Christians, new to the faith or exploring what this Christianity thing is all about?


Did you fail to take time to notice any visitors?
When the service paused for the “meet and greet”, did you only seek out friends and acquaintances or did you look for some less familiar faces?
Did you say anything more than “good morning” or “welcome” to those you greeted?
Do you know of anyone in your church in any kind of need - material or otherwise?

Is the only evidence of a visitor a card dropped in an offering plate?

I’ve been visiting a lot of churches, searching for a place of fellowship and belonging to build friendships and grow in discipleship. You would think this shouldn’t be a very difficult task. It has proven to be a very long and lonely experience. Such things should not be so.

Despite the difficulty, my search will continue. 
Have a little hope on me, Roger (from Lower Slower Delaware)

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