Saturday, July 01, 2017

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

Maher: The Best Thing You Can do for the Environment Is ‘Not Produce Another Resource-Sucking’ Human

Canada Becomes First Western Country To Legalize Bestiality

Hasbro CEO: ‘We eliminated the old delineation of gender’ to be more ‘inclusive’

Five Proofs is coming

Turkey to stop teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in high schools because it is 'controversial and difficult to understand'

The CBC says children seeing nude men at Pride is a good discussion opportunity

Waving a Rainbow Flag is Not a Neutral Act

Uplifting Story: Police surprise 4-year-old with SWAT vehicle, presents at birthday party

Mormons are changing their tune on same-sex marriage

Turkey: Daughter Kept from Father

Suspect in killing of Muslim teen had been accused of a previous assault, report says

Scott Turner’s Purpose and Desire — An Important New Voice in the Evolution Debate

Nancy Pelosi: Republicans’ Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood ‘Dishonor God’

Why Atheist Richard Dawkins Supports Religious Education in Schools

Heartbreaking: The European Court of Human Rights sentences a little British boy to death

She Has Down Syndrome But Swam the English Channel and She’s the First to Receive an Honorary Doctorate

New Comedy “Choice, The Musical” Celebrates Abortion

Planned Parenthood Doc Caught Saying She’d “Break the Baby’s Neck” if Baby Born Alive After Abortion

Pilot criticized for asking passengers to pray after plane started intensely shaking midflight

Two families blaming Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’ for their teens’ suicides

Tim Tebow homers on first day after Mets promotion

The Vatican’s Statement On UK Baby Condemned To Die Is Frightening

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Can Fill the Role Played by Churches

Trump WH declines to recognize LGBT Pride Month

Use Your Power for Good, Mr. President

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