Saturday, July 29, 2017

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

As Undeniable Debuts in Paperback, Frontiers in Biology Demonstrate Axe’s “Functional Coherence”

Steve Meyer’s Darwin’s Doubt is still doing well in paleontology

9 Die In Immigrant-Smuggling Attempt In Sweltering Truck

Philosopher and Theologian William Lane Craig Named in Biola’s First Endowed Chair

Human trafficking and smuggling rile San Antonio -- and beyond

Hospital treating baby Charlie Gard is receiving death threats

Chief to recommend charges against Florida teens who recorded drowning

Leaders Push Senate to Pass Bill to Protect Mid-East Christians

How the LGBT Movement Used Fake Science to Push Gay Marriage

Protestors Plan Prayer Vigil for Charlie Gard as Hospital Claims it is Receiving Death Threats

Reject 'Passive' Christianity, Former MMA, WWE Star Ken Shamrock Tells California Megachurch

Pastor Forced to Move After Receiving Threats for Opposing Facebook's Rainbow Flag Emoji

Charlie Gard: 'Last precious moments' for parents with their son

This is why Satanist ‘church’ co-founder says that LGBTQ people are drawn to Satanism

BREAKING: U.S. Senate rejects measure defunding Planned Parenthood, repealing Obamacare

Canadian polygamous leader found guilty of having 25 wives

Family fury after hospital denies mother-of-five's Christian-faith-based healthcare plan in the middle of her CHEMO and hands her a $41k bill

'Our beautiful boy has gone': Little Charlie Gard's parents announce that their brave warrior whose plight touched the world has finally died after battling devastating genetic illness he fought for so long

Stephen Hawking is deathly afraid of aliens

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