Monday, August 07, 2017

Abortion and Viral Videos

Clinton Wilcox of the Life Training Institute responds to a recent viral video; a video which is a response to Ben Shapiro's arguments against abortion. The "arguments" in this video that Wilcox responds to are the following:

If you believe abortion is murder and it should be outlawed accordingly, you must support all women having miscarriages being investigated for a possible negligent homicide, the same way you would want a person involved in running over someone else with their car investigated for negligent homicide.

Would we be comfortable allowing a woman at increased risk for miscarriage to get pregnant? 

Would people be comfortable with a woman trying to get pregnant who has a high risk of miscarriage, since they would not be comfortable with someone drunk getting behind the wheel of the car?

You can read Wilcox's response here.

Stand firm in Christ, and stand firm for the preborn,

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