Saturday, August 19, 2017

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

7 Things You Need To Know About The Charlottesville Violence And White Supremacist Terror Attack

Charlottesville and the Deep Roots of Extremist Violence

On Origin of Life, Synthetic Chemist James Tour Delivers Chastisement to Jeremy England

Richard Dawkins Offers Advice for Donald Trump, and Other Wisdom

People Say the Bible Doesn’t Talk About Transgenderism. It Does.

If We’re Tearing Down White Supremacy, Start With Planned Parenthood

FAITH FILE: This Agnostic Proved The Impossible. Or Did He?

Patricia Heaton blasts CBS over report about Iceland's Down syndrome abortion rates

In direct challenge to Trump, Iran's president says it could restart its nuclear program 'within hours'

Christian Leaders Respond to Charlottesville White Supremacy March and Attack

Letter from Berlin: The Lessons of History and the Heresy of Racial Superiority

America’s Suicide Crisis: Dying for Lack of Hope

Denounce Anti-Semitism Whenever It Appears

A.N. Wilson: It’s time Charles Darwin was exposed for the fraud he was

Mown down as they shopped: Elderly couple run over in ISIS van attack on Barcelona that killed THIRTEEN and injured more than 100 before suspect fled on foot

Several killed in Spain anti-terror operation after Barcelona attack

Christian Operation Using Balloons to Get Scripture into Hands of North Korean Christians

Whoa, Bethsaida! Archaeologists May Have Found Peter's Home Town

Iceland is Eradicating Down Syndrome Babies
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