Saturday, September 23, 2017

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

Teen Gives Birth after Christian School Graduation Controversy

Another Movie About the Apostle Paul Is in the Works

Nabeel Qureshi, who shared conversion from Islam to Christianity, dies at 34

Scientists poke holes in natural selection

Teen reversing his gender transition

Theology in Biology Class: Vestigial Structures as Evidence for Evolution

American College of Physicians Opposes Assisted Suicide

With Two New Fossils, Evolutionists Rewrite Narratives to Accommodate Conflicting Evidence

Dinosaur Poop Shows Presumed Vegetarians Also Ate Meat

Watch Deleted Scenes From The Case for Christ as Screenwriter Shares Secrets From Hit Drama

God Can Still Work Miracles. Why No Miracle for Nabeel Qureshi?

Mexico focuses search for quake survivors on 10 buildings; 273 dead

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Chris Falter said...

Thanks for posting these interesting links, Chad.

The story you linked to with the text "Scientists poke holes in natural seletion" greatly misunderstands the published research. The research did not say that natural selection does not happen or that it does not play a critical role in biological evolution. Instead, it states that the standard mathematical model of natural selection does not capture some effects such as cooperation which are important in some ecological niches.

In other words, like any other branch of science, biology is constantly refining its models.

Full disclosure: I am a Christian who believes strongly in the traditional creeds of the church. I also believe that, created in God's image, we humans have the capacity to gain knowledge through science about the creation God made.