Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Future Apologist Interview: Emma Gross Discusses "God's Crime Scene for Kids"

This is actually Emma's (10 years old) second interview.  You can read her thoughts on Jim and Susie's first book, Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, here.

Q. You have already read and discussed Cold-Case Christianity for Kids by J. Warner Wallace and Susie Wallace. Recently, you finished their latest book, God's Crime Scene for Kids.  How is the Wallace's new book different from their first?

A. Their first book was more about investigating (like a detective) the evidence for Jesus and the New Testament.  Their new book deals with investigating the beginning of the universe and the creation.

Q. You really seem to like the Wallace's books.  You were very excited when their new book arrived through the mail.  In your opinion, what makes them so enjoyable?

A. I enjoy them because the write things like they are a mystery.  But while you are reading their books, you are learning about Jesus and the Creation.

Q. What argument did you find most interesting in the Wallace's latest book?

A. The fine-tuning argument

Q. What was interesting about that particular argument?

A. I think that it is interesting that everything is where it should be to have life on earth.

Q. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace use many different drawings and sketches in their books.  Do you find these sketches helpful?

A. Yes, I do.  They help me understand what they are talking about and to get a picture (in my mind) of what the book is explaining.

Q. Do you think you would recommend the Wallace's books to other students your age?  

A. Yes.  I think they present good evidence about God.  And I think for someone who is not a Christian, it would be a good book for them to start learning the evidence for God.

Q. Shortly after reading God's Crime Scene for Kids, you asked your Grandma to get you a forensic detective set for Christmas.  Did reading this book inspire you to ask for that?

A. Yes!  I love science and God.  I love looking for the evidence for God.  And I want to be a detective.

Q. If you could tell Jim and Susie Wallace something about their books, what would you want to tell them?

A. Could you please write more?  They are great books!  Thank you for sending them to me!

To order your own copy of God's Crime Scene for Kids, go here.

To learn about how your child can become a graduate of the Junior Case Makers Academy, go here.

To learn more about Jim Wallace and his excellent work, go here.

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