Friday, August 07, 2009

KJV Only?

This past Sunday at church, a young lady in our congregation shared with me about someone she knows who believes that the King James Version(KJV) of the Bible is the only inspired translation. She went on to say that this acquaintance will actually go so far as to say that someone cannot be saved unless the KJV is used! It occurred to me that this young lady is most likely not the only person with a friend, relative, or co-worker who believes that the KJV is the only "inspired" version of the Bible.

Before commenting further, I want to be sure I'm clear on one thing; I like the KJV translation of the Bible. It's eloquence and poetic verse are second to none. Those who enjoy using the translation, whether because they were raised on it or due to the poetic nature of the verses, I believe it to be a good translation and see nothing wrong with it. However, I believe it to be one of the many good translations available today and certainly not the best.

My goal in this post is to 1) provide resources to understand the KJV only debate better 2) to provide questions for you to ask those who hold to "KJV Onlyism." I hope you find it helpful!

Here are some helpful resources:

A Complete History of the KJV Bible

The King James Bible

or check out this audio from Dr. Dan Wallace, New Testament Scholar

Background Information

If you are new to the KJV-only issue by Brian Tegart

If your not new to the KJV-only issue by Brian Tegart

If you are "KJV-only" by Brian Tegart

On the KJV Translators

The KJV Translators said THAT? by Brian Tegart

The Lofty and Worthy Endeavor or Goal of the KJV Translators by Rick Norris

Accuracy of the King James Version

Why I Do Not Think the King James Bible is the Best Translation Available Today by Daniel Wallace

Is Your Modern Translation Corrupt? Answering the Allegations of the KJV Only Advocates by James R. White

Errors in the King James Version? by William W. Combs

Issue Settled

Jesus is NOT KJV-Only! by Brian Tegart

Questions to ask KJV-Only Advocates

Ten Questions for "KJV Only" Supporters

In summary, the KJV is a good translation, but that is all.

Courage and Godspeed,


Unknown said...

I also recommend a team blog by several of us former KJVO'ers.


Chad said...


Hello! Thank you very much for providing the link. If you have any others that you could suggest, please feel free!


Dusty said...

I have for a very long time dealt with the KJVO issue. I live in an area where it is huge. I have created a blog where I have and will be posting questions relating to this issue and others in Christianity to generate discussion. Anyone here is welcome to visit and discuss this and other issues as well!

Chad said...


Thank you so much for visiting Truthbomb and for drawing our attention to your blog.

I encourage our readers to check it out!


Dusty said...

Thanks! I have added a link to this post in my blog. BTW I did forget to add my link here XD

Chad said...


Great; thank you!


Unknown said...

Hi Chad
I go by the KJV Myself
I have held a KJV 1611 bible in my hands the person had used it as a door stop (how sad) anyway
Spelling is another issue JESUS is spelled IESUS in the 1611 verson the use of the letter J and (v I think ) is not there or at least in the version I seen
they did not want to sell it to me either

Chad said...


Interesting; that is sad that they would use it as a door stop! Crazy! And they wouldn't sell it? I guess they didn't have a brick nearby?

As I mentioned in the post:

I like the KJV translation of the Bible. It's eloquence and poetic verse are second to none. Those who enjoy using the translation, whether because they were raised on it or due to the poetic nature of the verses, I believe it to be a good translation and see nothing wrong with it. However, I believe it to be one of the many good translations available today and certainly not the best.

Thanks for commenting!


Eric John said...

Hi I am Eric and I came across your site by chance. I have been saved for about 9 years or so and I find it interesting that so many people still try to play down the King James Bible when if you look at the other translations out there you will see why so many only want to touch the King James Bible version. These other bibles seem to have a thing aganist our LORD and they seem to be out to please people more than God. If the King James is that bad then why don't they bring out a tranlation that is better. All the other ones are always coming out with new versions time and time again and I thank God that when I got saved someone brought me a four in one bible that has the niv,nasb,kjb,nlt all combined in one. And you would be shocked at what some of these other translations dare to do, let me just give you two examples first; look at the Lords prayer in Luke 11:2 in the niv or the nlt or nasb and you tell me if thats a good translation. And Dr James White, I dont know him from anywhere but I was listening to him preach about these other bibles and I saw his point but he was very biased and never touched on the changes that really make a difference. His ministry is called alpha and omega; funny I would like him to turn to revelation 1:11 in the niv or nlt or nasb and find it there. It doesnt matter how hard you look you wont find it, that is perversion of God's Word. Now there is so much more but please take a good look at these other Bibles and you will see why I only read the kjv. I never had to listen to preachers telling me so I just had to pick up these newer versions and saw that they are well off. If you want to know more changes in the newer versions that make a difference please let me know and I will be glad to show you some. Words are very powerfull as our Lord tells us, so either they know what they are doing when they defend the newer versions meaning that they are as bad as the people translating it or the have not compared these other bibles to see the massive differences between them. Also it is so bad that even the co-founder of the New American Standard Bible ended up preaching against the Bible which he co-founded when friends of his showed him the abominations in his translation. And if anyone has a doubt about that then I have a recording of him preaching against it, so if anyone would like to hear it let me know, I would be glad to forward it to you.

eric john said...

Also the reason why the letter 'i' was used in the 1611 King James version is because the letter 'j' doesnt even exist in the Hebrew, Greek and Latin. The English language did not have a letter 'j' before about 1500 AD, that's the reason for the 'i' instead of the 'j'. That is why you won't find one 'j' in the 1611 and that is why it is also translated 'i'. God says my peopel perish because of lack of knowledge. So spend 5 minutes doing a bit of research on the internet and then you'll find out the truth instead of trying to discredit something that you have no knowledge about.

Chad said...

Eric John,

Thank you for taking the time to comment and I understand that the "KJV Only" debate can get pretty heated. I love God's Word as well, so let's try to keep that in mind! :-)

Did you have a chance to checkout any of the links I provided in the post?


eric john said...

Hi Chads I have not had a chance yet but I will have a look today. I am trying my best not to get involved in the debate because so many people do find other versions easier to read, I believe that we must be able to point out the serious errors that these other Bibles are making but we should not be shocked at these because we are living in some dangerous times. And God tells us that we should not let any
man decieve us by any means for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed" 2 thessalonians 2:3. We as Christians know that the one thing that satan and every devil hates is the Word of God, and if he can add a little leven in it then he's got you. That's what he did in Genesis and still is doing today. There has to be watchmen who can sound the alarm when they see these things happening, caring for our brothers out there because a man's enemies are those of his own house as God tells us in his Word. Paul tells us that certain men have crept in unawares, the enemy is within the church as well as without. Now the enemy has transformed himself into an angel of light and there are now doctrines of demons around. we must fight the good fight not just for ourselves but for the generations coming if we are here that long and the antichrist has not showed up. Thank you, Eric

Mariana said...

I also recommend

Jesse said...

Hi Chad,

My blog is a resource on King James onlyism...Here's one of my articles addressing their rhetoric:

God bless!