Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Common Objection #10- "Can God Make A Mountain So Big That He Can't Move It?"

This objection is often presented with a type of "stump the Christian" attitude.

Dr. Norman Geisler and Ron Brooks demonstrate the fallacious thinking that grounds this type of objection in sinking sand:

"This is... (a) meaningless question. It asks, "Is there something that is more than infinite?" It is logically impossible for anything to be more than infinite, because infinite has no end. The same applies to questions like, "Can God make a square circle?" It is just like asking, "What is the smell of blue?" It is a category mistake-colors don't smell and circles can't be square. These are logical impossibilities. God's omnipotence does not mean that He can do what is impossible, only He has the power to do anything that is actually possible, even if it is impossible for us. Any mountain that God makes, He can control, put where He wants, and disintegrate if He likes. You can't ask for more power than that." [1]

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1. Norman Geisler and Ron Brooks, When Skeptics Ask, p. 30-31.

For further research, see the following:

1. Can God Create a Rock So Heavy He Can't Lift It?- Can God Truly Be Omnipotent? by Rich Deem

2. Things God Cannot Do by Let Us Reason Ministries


Anonymous said...

I'll take that as a "No."

Hendrik van der Breggen said...


In case some readers find this helpful: I also address a version of the above objection in my Apologia column which can found here.

With best regards,
Hendrik van der Breggen

benignancy said...

robinlionheart said...
I'll take that as a "No."
July 3, 2010 7:08 PM

- hahaha PRECISELY.

Unknown said...

Of course God can make a rock too big for him to move. But God is too wise to do something that silly.

Unknown said...

Jesus Christ as a person can not lift up a stone more that 100 kg (220 lb). But Jesus Christ as Creator created every stone and can lift up any stone.