Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Video: The Apologetic Task by William Lane Craig

In this talk, William Lane Craig addresses the challenges faced by the Church, from both the rise of secularism and the spread of Islam.  He further argues that apologetics must be front and center to ensure the church's survival.

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Herb Swanson said...

Dr. Craig has addressed so many important, even vital points for which I am grateful that any disagreement is put forward very hesitantly.

We wish we could agree that secularism and Islam are the greatest threats to Christianity anywhere. Rather, the disunity of The Church in direct disobedience to the commandments of Christ is what we believe to be the greatest threat to Christianity. The divisiveness between Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants (COPs) must be brought to an end. This is where our chiefest apologetic must be brought to bear.