Monday, August 23, 2021

Apologetics315 Interviews: Interview Reflections


In our thirty-fifth podcast, Brian Auten and I answer the mailbag and then review the past 14 episodes and the interview guests, sharing insights and things learned.

0:29 – News from the world of Gozer
4:39 – Mailbag feedback
12:10 – The Stephen C. Meyer interview
15:58 – The Ken Samples episodes
19:17 – Katy Faust and Them Before Us
24:11 – The Michael J. Nelson interview
29:40 – The Ted Wright archaeology interview
31:45 – The rhetoric interview with Jim Beitler
33:32 – Apologetics for parents with Michael D’Virgilio
36:58 – The Molinism interview with Tim Stratton
38:41 – The Christian Enneagram with Marcia Montenegro
41:23 – Spiritual warfare reading (Karl Payne book)
45:27 – The Miracles interview with Craig Keener

You can listen here.

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