Friday, August 20, 2021

Apologetics315 Podcast: Miracles Today with Dr. Craig Keener


In this interview, Brian Auten and I sit down with Craig Keener to discuss his new book Miracles Today: The Supernatural Work of God in the Modern World.  Are miracles happening today? How do we evaluate miracle claims? How do we know if witnesses are credible? Many accounts and stories of healing and miracles are discussed.

The show notes are as follows:

0:42 – Introduction to Dr. Craig Keener
6:49 – Welcome to Dr. Keener; what compelled you to write a book on miracles in the world today?
10:40 – How this book is different than his previous miracles book
11:32 – What is a miracle and how do we define them? A discussion of Hume’s definition
15:20 – What criteria do we use when assessing miracle claims?
17:39 – Are some miracle claims ambiguous? What type of miracle accounts does the book discuss?
19:47 – Two accounts of dramatic healing
23:36 – What sort of environment do these miracles happen in? An account of deteriorated hip bones being healed.
29:14 – What role do presuppositions play in how we look at miracle claims? How high is the bar for evidence?
33:28 – Does “uniform human experience” invalidate miracle claims?
37:27 – “That account is too old,” “That account is too far away,” and other objections
43:06 – Do we have any miracles on video? (Yes)
47:07 – What would you say to someone who has been praying for a miracle or healing and has not experienced it yet? A discussion on cutting edge evangelism and miracles
51:44 – Does God heal amputees?
52:22 – Responses to common “internet objections”
54:38 – What about people being raised from the dead?
59:20 – Cumulative evidence of multiple claims, and the height of skepticism; how to critically evaluate claims
1:00:17 – What would you say to someone wanting God to prove himself to them through an appearance or miracle?
1:02:26 – How has your faith been strengthened by researching miracles?

You can listen here.

Order Dr. Keener's new book here.  And you can checkout more of his work here.

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Many thanks to Dr. Keener for taking the time to chat with us!

Courage and Godspeed,

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