Saturday, July 08, 2017

Worldview and Apologetics in the News

Canadian parent wants newborn registered as ‘gender unknown’ so child can decide sex

'Mama, Save Me'

Trump enters Charlie Gard debate: 'We would be delighted' to help

Stephen Hawking fears Trump could ‘push Earth over the brink’ and start chain reaction which wipes out humanity

China Robots Displace Workers as Wage Spiral Pressures Profits

With the Charlie Gard Case, Culture of Death Tightens Its Grip in England

Doctors Back NHS-Funded ‘Womb Transplants’ for Transgender People

Police Officer Honored for Adopting Boy He Rescued from Severe Child Abuse

Not All Pedophiles Have Mental Disorder, American Psychiatric Association Says In New DSM

Vatican hospital offers to take in baby Charlie Gard

Indiana Abortions Dropped 17 Percent Under Mike Pence

Prominent actor ripped by LGBT activists for saying he is ‘gay … just without the physical act’

Movie Review- Spiderman: Homeoming

Christian seeks legal advice after being ordered off ladder at Speakers' Corner

Charlie Gard’s Life Support Won’t be Turned Off For Now, Parents and Hospital Head Back to Court

Tim Tebow Surprises with Strong Batting Average, Two Home Runs for St. Lucie Mets

Human remains unearthed in biblical city, 3,200 years after it was destroyed by ancient Egyptians

Book Preview: Old-Earth or Evolutionary Creation? Discussing Origins with Reasons to Believe and Biologos

Britain's first pregnant man gives birth to a baby girl after conceiving using a sperm donor he met on Facebook

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