Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Debate Update

In a few previous posts I have mentioned two debates: 1) Jay Richards vs. Christopher Hitchens, ID vs. Atheism 2) Bart Ehrman vs. Mike Licona, Can the Historian Prove Jesus' Resurrection?

While neither debate, to my knowledge, has become available via audio and/or transcript, I have run across a few items of interest that I wanted to share for those that are curious:

"Hitch" vs. Richards- ID vs. Atheism Here is an audio link of Stand to Reason' s Greg Koukl interviewing Jay Richards after the debate had taken place. Richard's insights are interesting and he mentions a few backstage comments made by Mr. Hitchens that I found interesting. Here is the article mentioned by Richards in the interview which appeared in The Stanford Daily.

Licona vs. Ehrman- Can the Historians Prove that Jesus Rose from the Dead?

Here are some comments by Mike Licona that are posted on his website:

March 19, 2008
"I thought my debate with Bart Ehrman went very well. Prof. Ehrman was a pleasant opponent. The event at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS) in Kansas City was well attended. The chapel was packed at capacity as was an overflow room. A second overflow room was opened. I had an unexpected challenge that evening: I lost most of my voice and was barely able to make it through the debate. I've been told that MBTS will be posting the entire debate on its website for free viewing ( and will also make it available for purchase on DVD." [1]

I am also hoping that the transcript will be available, especially considering the fact that Licona lost his voice.

While we are awaiting the release of the above mentioned debates, here is a great one between Bart Ehrman and William Lane Craig. Here is the transcript An audio link posted by a fellow blogger.


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Brian said...

I am trying to find audio for these as well. Will post if/when I do. Thanks for the links!

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Thank you for letting me know and you are very welcomed!

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