Updated: An Apologetics Arsenal

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.” - 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, NKJV, Emphasis added.

Note to Readers: We are always updating our resource pages.  If you know of a site that you believe should be on here, please feel free to share in the comments!


Atheism by Ken Ammi

Atheist Delusion - A site that was started to refute the false claims of Oxford Professor and biologist Richard Dawkins.

CARM- Atheism- Easy to apply responses to atheism.

Conservapedia- Atheism - A great historical overview of atheism.

iloveatheists.com: Just not their Worldview- Features answers to 100 common atheist objections and more!

Authority of the Bible

Why I Believe the New Testament is Historically Reliable- Dr. Gary Habermas explains why the New Testament is historically reliable. [PDF]

Cannon Fodder- The website of Michael J. Kruger,

CARM- Bible- Various evidence to support the Bible’s historical accuracy.

Christian Answers- Archaeology- This article presents archaeological evidence that supports the biblical record.

Faith Facts - A site designed to answer the questions of the skeptic and also provide an easy manner for Christians to remember the evidence for the Bible!

Fulfilled Prophecy: Evidence for the Reliability of the Bible- Dr. Hugh Ross explains the prophetic evidence presented in the Bible.

Jesus Validates the bible (Not the Other Way Around) by Tim Stratton

Manuscript Support for the Bible's Reliability- Ron Rhodes presents the manuscript evidence for the Bible.

Are the Bible Documents Reliable?- Jimmy Williams of Probe Ministries

’i Faith

Let Us Reason: Baha'i Faith article list- Nice collection of articles answering the claims of Baha’i.

The Baha'i Faith by Robert Pardon- An overview of the Baha’i faith and a biblical response.

Bible Study Tools

Bible.org- “Your Online Bible Study Resource”

Bible Gateway - A searchable online Bible in over 50 translations and 35 different languages.

Bible Research- This site is for students who are looking for detailed information about the history of the canon, texts, and versions of Scripture.

Bible Toolbox- linking you to the webs best online Christian study tools. 

The Blue Letter Bible


The History and Beliefs of Buddhism

Answering Buddhism- Some great comparison charts between Christianity and Buddhism.


Christian Answers- Evangelism - Various methods of evangelism available here. See which ones work for you!

Living Waters - A site created by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron to, “ train Christians who want to learn evangelism -- by teaching them how to witness the way Jesus did.”

Meekness and Truth Ministries- is dedicated to educating Christian ministries, especially on college campuses, as well as church laypeople, to more effectively use Christian evidences in evangelism to help fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).


Contender Ministries- Freemasonry facts, The History of Freemasonry, and The Theology of Freemasonry.

Ephesians 5:11- Learn how to lead a Mason away from the Messianic Lodge here! 

NAMB- Freemasonry- articles

General Apologetics

Acts 17 Apologetics- [T]o glorify God by defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the ground up.  This is the ministry of Dr. David Wood.

All about God- The Community for Seekers, Skeptics and Believers.  

All About Philosophy- Do you want a rational investigation of the truth?  Go here to find answers to questions such as: Where did I come from?  Why am I here?  Does God exist?  Great videos and articles! 

Apologetics Academy- The ministry of Jonathan McLatchie

Always Be Ready - The Always Be Ready apologetics ministry by Charlie Campbell.

Apologetics.com - Equipping believers to think and thinkers to believe"

Apologetics.org- C.S. Lewis Society

Apologetics315 - An amazing blog offering some of the best audio links on the internet; debates, lectures, and sermons abound here.

ApologeticsGuy- Accessible Apologetics Training with Mikel Del Rosario

Apologetics Resource Center

bethinking.org - A website that aims to put the best Christian thinking and communicating resources right into your hands. Great audio and articles are found here.

Christian Apologetics UK- "Helping to equip the UK church to be reasonable, respectful and knowledgeable ambassadors for Christ." 

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry- Great, easy to use site by Matthew Slick.

Come Reason Ministries- Convincing Christianity

Confident Christianity - The apologetics ministry of Mary Jo Sharp

A Christian Thinktank - Glenn Miller presents hundreds of apologetic articles on various topics with extremely in-depth research.

Free Thinking Ministries- A defense of "Mere Christianity" and more! NEW!

LeadershipU - Telling the truth at the speed of life- Great articles by various scholars can be found here.

Let Us Reason Ministries - Information about cults and religions

New York Apologetics- The Heartbeat of the Christian Mind

Please Convince Me- the Christian Worldview from the Perspective of a Detective

Probe Ministries- Freeing Cultural Captives.  Building Confident Ambassadors.

Proof that God Exists- Pre-Suppositional Apologetics

Rational Christian DiscernmentThe purpose of this blog is to provide insights from the Christian perspective. It exists to present the elementary teachings of the Glorious Gospel through the preaching of sound doctrine, providing biblical exegesis, and by conducting apologetics.

Stand to Reason - Greg Koukl and company present an easy to understand, logical defenses of the gospel.

The Apologia Project - a Christian research organization whose aim is to present an unadulterated view of the Christian faith.

The Veritas Forum

Truth and Discernment MinistryThe Apologetics Ministry of Victor T. Stephens

4Truth.net- A Reasoned Approach to Christianity

Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley

Wintery Knight - "Integrating faith and knowledge in the public square" 


Comparing Christianity to Hinduism- An article by Peter Kreeft


Design Inference- The writings of William A. Dembski

Discovery Institute - A nonpartisan public policy think tank conducting research on technology, science and culture, economics and foreign affairs.

Evolution News and Views - This site was started to accurately report evolutionary issues to the general public.

Evidence for God and Science - Evidence for God from Science: Harmony between the Bible and science.

Faith + Evolution- "Here you will find articles, debates, video and audio, discussion questions, and other free resources as you explore the issues surrounding faith and evolution. This site is designed to be especially helpful for pastors, lay leaders, Sunday School teachers, and students."

IDEA Center- Intelligent Design and Awareness Center

ID the FutureThe ID The Future (IDTF) podcast carries on Discovery Institute's mission of exploring the issues central to evolution and intelligent design (ID).  

Post-Darwinist- The blog of Denyse O'Leary, Toronto based journalist and author of Design or by Chance?
Reasons to Believe- Where Science and Faith Converge 

True Origins - A site created in response to the skeptical, pro-evolution site “talk origins.org.” Great site containing scholarly articles, responses to skeptics, and book reviews.

Uncommon Descent- "Serving the Intelligent Design Community"


Answering Islam: A Christian-Muslim dialog - The best site on the web for witnessing, understanding, and responding to Islam.

Answering Muslims- The Islamoblog of Acts 17 Apologetics Ministries

Islam Review - Declares the truth about Islam with relentless honesty.

Is the Qur'an the Word of God? - A Christian and Muslim Dialogue

John Ankerberg- Islam - A collection of articles on various topics concerning Islam

Islam: The Way, the Truth, and the Light? - A resource library for those wishing to study Christianity and Islam. 

Jehovah Witnesses

Help Jehovah Witnesses find Freedom in Christ - An easy strategy for witnessing to Jehovah Witnesses.

Free Minds - A site maintained by a former member of the Watchtower Organization and former Jehovah Witness with the purpose of “educating the public about the methods that ALL cults use, and how to combat them.”

Michael J. Felker

NAMB- Jehovah's Witnesses- articles

Watchmen Fellowship - A great collection of articles responding to the false claims of the Jehovah Witnesses.

Watchtower Investigated UK  


Bible Probe - Here, find a list of 365 prophecies that Jesus fulfilled.

Bible Probe-Jews for Jesus - Messianic Jews tell their own stories of coming to Jesus.

Judaism - Josh McDowell and Don Stewart explain the history and beliefs of Judaism.

Let Us Reason: Judaism - Articles here that cover topics such as Israel’s history, Messianic prophecies, and what the Talmud said about the coming Messiah.


Answering Mormons- maintained by Jamie Pellew to "defend the truth of the Gospel against the attacks of Mormonism."

CARM: Mormonism- Deals with various Mormon Questions and Issues

Concerned Christians - A site dedicated to “reaching out to the Mormon people in a loving manner and to be in service to the Christian community by educating them about the deception of Mormonism and to equip them for service.”

Contender Ministries: Mormonism- Various articles and rebuttals here.

Equipping Christians - A site designed by formerly devout Mormons who desire to equip Christians to answer the claims of the Mormon Church.

Ex-Mormons - A site created for Mormons who may be questioning their faith and want answers.

Life After Ministries - “Leading Mormons to the REAL Jesus.”

Mormonism Investigated UK  

Mormon Research Ministry- Challenging the claims of LDS.

NAMB- Mormonism- Articles

Welcome Latter-Day Saints (Mormons): For Mormon Faith and Research...Loving the Truth!

New Age

CARM-New Age - Matthew Slick presents helpful information concerning the “New Age” movement.

Christian Answers for the New Age - Christian answers for the New Age- This is an excellent site!

Preaching and Teaching Section

Bible Bulletin Board - If I had to recommend only one site for a believer to become familiar with, this would be the one! There are exhaustive collections of sermons, articles, and question/answers by Dr. John MacArthur, Charles Spurgeon, Thomas Watson, George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, and J.C. Ryle. If you want to know what the Bible says on ANY topic, this is your site!

Desiring God - God-centered resources from the ministry of John Piper.

Grace to You - Bible teaching media ministry of John MacArthur features radio broadcasts, books, audio lessons, devotionals, and an issues and answers page.

In the Beginning.com - A variety articles by some of the best including Edwards, Torrey, Finney, and Moody.

LeadershipU: Systematic Theology - A variety of articles on various theological topics by some of the best contemporary scholars today.

Ligonier Ministries - The ministry of R.C. Sproul.

Love Worth finding Ministries - The ministry of the late Adrian Rogers.

The Shelter - A Francis Schaeffer site that includes quotes, articles, and a book list.

The Spurgeon Archive - The largest collection of Spurgeon resources on the web. 

Truth for Life- The Teaching and Preaching Ministry of Alistair Begg

Y-Jesus?- The Facts about Jesus Presented by Scholars

Religious Science

"Thou art a Gracious God, and Merciful" - Here, read about a man who was delivered from Religious Science after 40 years.

An Analysis of Religious Science - Part 1 of an excellent “behind the scenes” look at Religious Science and what it’s all about.

Religious Science: What does it Teach? - What is Religious Science? Why should we be interested? What do these people believe about Jesus, God, and the Bible? How can we share the gospel with these people? All these questions answered here!


Ancient Evidence for Jesus from Non-Christian Sources

Gary Habermas - If you want the latest, up-to-date evidence concerning the resurrection, here is your site! See the articles section especially!

Testimony of the Evangelists - What would happen if a lawyer examined the internal evidence for the resurrection? Find out! Simon Greenleaf, one of the principle founders of Harvard Law School, examines the New Testament evidence for the resurrection.

Evidence for the Resurrection - Josh McDowell presents the historical evidence supporting the resurrection.

Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ - William Lane Craig takes a “contemporary” look at the resurrection evidence.

Jesus' Resurrection and Christian Origins - N.T. Wright explains why the historical evidence we have for the resurrection is best explained by…a physical resurrection!

Risen Jesus - Great scholarly articles by Mike Licona on various topics, specializing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Roman Catholicism

CARM-Catholic - Matthew Slick provides easy to read, printable articles on various Catholic teachings; includes testimonies of former Catholic Priests.


Apologetics Index - A nice collection of articles dealing with Scientology.

What is Scientology? by Wayne Jackson - An overview of Scientology.

Watchmen Fellowship: Scientology - Numerous articles on Scientology topics. 

Seventh Day Adventists

Ex-Adventist.com - Mark Martin (former SDA pastor) heads up this outreach to Seventh Day Adventists. Great collection of articles, resources, and book reviews.

Former Adventist.com - Home of former Seventh Day Adventists “who have found their rest in Jesus.” Includes articles, bible studies, and testimonies.

Top Christian Scholars

Alvin Plantinga - Philosopher

Craig Blomberg - New Testament Scholar

Ken Boa- Christian Apologist

Craig Evans - New Testament Scholar

Michael Gleghorn- Christian Apologist

Dan Wallace - New Testament Scholar

Frank Turek - Crossexamined.org

Gary Habermas - The top resurrection scholar on the planet, in my view.

Greg Koukl - Stand to Reason Ministries

James WhiteAlpha and Omega Ministries

John Lennox - Science and Ethics

J. Warner Wallace- Cold Case Christianity 

Mark Roberts - apologist

Timothy McGrew- Philosopher and New Testament Scholar

J.P. Moreland- Philosopher and Apologist

Norman Geisler - Includes apologetic articles and resources from one of Christendom’s most well-know apologists.

N.T. Wright - New Testament Scholar

Paul Copan - offers logical, easy-to-understand answers to supposed objections to the Christian faith.

Peter Kreeft - Christian Philosopher

Peter J. Williams- Lecturer and Scholar

Peter S. Williams- Author, Apologist and Philosopher

Peter van Inwagen- Philosopher

Reasonable Faith - Home site of Dr. William Lane Craig, this site offers scholarly articles, debates, and question/answers.

Richard Swinburne - Christian Philosopher

Ron Rhodes - one of the best in answering the cults.

Ravi Zacharias - If you are looking for the best combination of answers geared toward the unbelievers heart and head, look no further than the ministries of Ravi Zacharias.
* This page will be updated on a regular basis so please remember to check back!

** Truthbomb Apologetics does not necessarily endorse all the content represented on each of these websites.

Courage and Godspeed,
Chad A. Gross


Brian said…
Killer post. Bookmarked!
Anonymous said…
Nice lists! Check out http://www.confidentchristianity.com and use it if you feel it is worthy :)
Anonymous said…

I have been there and I will add it! I knew while making the page that I would miss many great sites so thank you so much for the suggestion!

If anyone else has any, please feel free to share them.

Thank you Roger and God Bless
Anonymous said…
Many of the links will not work because they use relative URLs. You need to start the URLs with "http://" so that it will be recognized as absolute.

Right now, some of the links are looking like this:

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Wintery Knight
Anonymous said…

Thank you and I'll fix that asap!

Anonymous said…

All fixed! Thank you again for the heads-up.

If anyone else has any problems, please let me know and I apologize for the error.

Jake said…
Amazing Job!!! I mean really I think you just created the yellow and white pages for Apologetics. I especially like the Bible study tools.

For His Glory,
Anonymous said…
Hey Jake,

Thank you for the encouragement. I hope that others find it useful!

cv3946 said…
Wow! Thanks for mentioning that you created this yesterday! This is an awesome resource. Added it to my favorites. Thanks also for the discussion on inerrancy. I guess I should've thought to ask my wife about it before admitting to you I needed some clarification!
Anonymous said…

I hope you find it helpful. Hey, when all else fails, ask the wife! Or maybe you should ask the wife FIRST! :-)

Ken said…
Most excellent!!!
Thanks for including "Atheism is Dead."
I also have a Christian apologetics blog called "Life and Doctrine"


PS: keep up the good, and important, work!!!
Michael Baldwin said…
Wow this is amazing, I can't believe I haven't seen this before! It's especially helpful for apologetics with regards to other religions and cults. I remember a few months ago I looked everywhere over the internet for some GOOD resources on Hinduism as I've been having great conversations with a Hindu girl I know, but I literally couldn't find anything. I ended up having to buy a little book by ravi zacharias, which was a fictitious convo between Jesus and Krishna and then gave her a copy for her bday lol. I'm glad there are a lot more resources I can take a look at, really appreciate the work you've put in to accumulate all this. Chad!
Chad said…

I'm so glad that this will help you.

I am familiar with the Ravi Z. series that you are referring to. I have read the one entitled "The Lamb and the Fuhrer" that provides an account of what a conversation between Jesus and Hitler would have been like. Heavy stuff!

Thank you for your encouraging comment!

It's been great corresponding with you over the summer. Would you consider adding my blog to the list? Thanks, brother!
Apologetics Guy
Chad said…

You got it! I've enjoyed corresponding with you as well.

St Badger said…
Aweseome links! I'm an ex-atheist who blogs at www.martyro.blogspot.com if you wanted to add it. Keep up the good-work!

Chad said…

Thank you for stopping by and I added your blog to the list under "Atheism!"

Keep up the godly work!

Amazing list, and a lot of familiar sites to me! I run a counter-cult apologetics ministry designed to defend the truth of the Gospel against the attacks of Mormonism. Do you think it is worthy of your list?


Either way, I love your blog. Thank you for your work

In Him, Jamie
Quintessential said…
Ex-atheist - A.S.A. Jones' web sigt seems to be shut down temporarily. I found the following comment on a bulletin board:

Re: What happened to ex-atheist.com?

Hi, I actually spoke to A.S.A. Jones yesterday - we are "phone" friends. She has had a multitude of family health issues that have not given her any time to devote to the website. In short, she says she should be able to put the site back up and running within the next few months. She is still keeping the faith!
Chad said…

I added it to the list!

Jackie said…
A few suggested websites you might want to add to your arsenal:

http://y-jesus.org (Available in 10+ languages)

Hope you find them helpful!
Elmer said…
I would like to thank you for giving these wonderful lists to us. It was really good to see some great verses from the bible and with its various bible study tools. These are all great learning, most especially in apologetics term.

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