Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Research Material on Miracles

Hello; I have been facilitating a book study at my church and my goal is to begin offering different posts with articles, audio, and video for the group members to research the topics covered more in-depth. My hope is that our readers will also benefit.


Are Miracles Logically Impossible? by Lenny Esposito

Did Jesus Really Perform Miracles?
by Daniel Morais and Michael Gleghorn

Did the New Testament Authors invent the miracle stories?
by Glenn Miller

If God would just perform a miracle for me, then I would believe! answer by Greg Koukl

Miracles Cannot Happen by Matthew Slick

Miracles or Myths?
by Greg Koukl

Miracles by Rick Wade

The Miracles of Jesus: A Historical Inquiry by Christopher Price

Problem of Miracles: A Historical and Philosophical Perspective by Dr. William Lane Craig

The Reality of Miracles; a refutation of Anthony Flew's views by Malachi

Audio- many thanks to Apologetics 315 for the excellent audio!

A Lecture on Miracles by Dr. Walter Martin

Is God Active in the World Today? by Dr. Gary Habermas

by Ken Boa [4 parts]

Miracles (Part 1 and Part 2) by Doug Groothuis


Flash Video: Do Miracles Happen?

How Do We Explain Miracles?
by Dr. Frank Turek

Why Does God Do Miracles? by Dr. Frank Turek

Why Don't People Believe in Miracles? by Dr. Frank Turek

Other resources could possibly be added as they are found.

Courage and Godspeed,


Lenny Esposito said...

If I could humbly suggest that you also review my article "Are Miracles Logically Impossible?" at it may offer some help in answering some of Hume's objections.

Lenny Esposito
Come Reason Ministires

Chad said...


Outstanding; thank you for drawing my attention to it. I will check it out.

Btw, I appreciate your ministry.


Jan Tincher said...

I believe that when we believe there are miracles, there are miracles. When we don't believe there are miracles, we close our eyes to them and effectively stop them from happening -- until we consciously choose to open our eyes.
Jan Tincher

BallBounces said...

Thanks for this. Do you happen to know of anyone doing post-graduate research work on modern-day miracles?

Chad said...


Hey, thanks for stopping by Truthbomb!

I do not know of anyone doing post-grad work on modern miracles; however, I would encourage our readers to point RkBall in that direction if they know of anyone.

Hope you find someone and God Bless!