Saturday, March 06, 2010

Resource: Faith + Evolution

Faith + Evolution is a site designed to aid you in finding the answers to your questions about the relationship between faith and evolution:

"Here you will find articles, debates, video and audio, discussion questions, and other free resources as you explore the issues surrounding faith and evolution. This site is designed to be especially helpful for pastors, lay leaders, Sunday School teachers, and students."

This site boasts:
  • A Glossary of Terms- Here you will find short definitions of key terms in the debate over faith, evolution, and intelligent design.
  • Events- information regarding upcoming events related to Faith and Evolution
  • Websites- Here you will find links to various websites that deal with topics such as Charles Darwin, Intelligent Design, and Evolution.
  • Curricula- a variety of ideas and curriculum resources to help you better inform your congregation about the issues surrounding evolution and intelligent design
Check out the site in it's entirety here.

This resource has also been added to our Apologetics Arsenal found here.

Courage and Godspeed,