Friday, March 18, 2011

Love Wins- Resources Dealing with Rob Bell's New Book

I have always had a hard time taking Rob Bell seriously. If you have seen his videos, you are familiar with the scenario: Bell is usually sitting on a park bench, wearing trendy clothes and doing his best to sound cool and cutting-edge. However, within the style exists little substance and the Jesus that Bell seems to put forth reminds me of the little "Buddy Jesus" from the movie Dogma that one can purchase and stick to their dashboard.

Bell does, however, have the ability to get the evangelical community fired-up. While the likes of Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris travel around the world doing their best to trounce anything to do with Christ or God, Bell releases a book that promotes universalism and suddenly the entire body of Christ is ready for a fight. And while I applaud that, I have to ask myself why more of us don't care about these types of issues all the time and not just when folks such as Bell spout their usual non-sense.

My purpose in this post, and the one's forthcoming, is to provide resources for those looking to address the many questions raised by Bell in his new book.

They are as follows:


Love Wins- A Review of Rob Bell's New Book by Tim Challies

We Have Seen This All Before: Rob Bell and (Re) emergence of Liberal Theology by Albert Mohler

God Is Still Holy and What You Learned in Sunday School is Still True: A Review of "Love Wins" by Kevin DeYoung

The Blood-Drained Gospel of Rob Bell by Russell D. Moore

Rob Bell's Velvet Hell? Albert Mohler, Others Speak on How Love Can Truly Win by Eryn Sun, Christian Post

A Question for Rob Bell: Who's God Rose from the Dead? by Mary Jo Sharp

Rob Bell: "Evangelical and orthodox to the bone?" Hardly. by John MacArthur

Rob Bell: "A Brother to Embrace or a Wolf to Avoid?" by John MacArthur

Is Rob Bell Teaching Universalism? Are People Saved After Death?"- by Matthew Slick

Resources on Rob Bell and Hell by Apologetics315


Rob Bell Interviewed on MSNBC

As more resources become available, we will be sure to add them. If you know of any that you think would prove helpful, please share them via the comments!

Courage and Godspeed,


Mike Gantt said...

The furor over Rob Bell's book gives us the opportunity to sort our what is really important in our walk with Jesus.

We don't want to be straining out gnats while we are swallowing camels.

I do believe that everyone is going to heaven, but only because Jesus has done the work. I don't believe that going to church helps, unless it is to learn about Him.

Would that we paid as much attention to the words of Jesus as we do the words of Rob Bell.

Russell said...

Hi Chad,

The unbelievable podcast will be having Rob Bell on with another Christian (I think he's still looking fro a guest) to discuss his new book in a few weeks. It should be a good one! I may have slipped Justin Brierley an email suggesting Greg Koukl as a contender. :)