Sunday, September 11, 2011


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Anonymous said...

Hi and THANK GOD!!! I went onto youtube to check out some stuff on the day and ended up with the most IDIOTIC, FOUL MOUTHED stuff you'd NEVER want to hear! According to these Michael Moore disciples, President George Bush Jr. and Bill Clinton were responsible for the attempt in 1993 and of course, Sept. 11th. One guy even went so far as to say it was all fake and that the planes were actually missles, cgi'd to LOOK like planes! Well, I'm no expert on Aero-dynamics, but I've been around long enough to know what a plane looks like. On top of which, how in the world is someone supposed to 'image' in something that people are seeing right infront of them!

Then there's the small matter of the world wide scale of these events. Israel. England, all over! Bush and Clinton are out of office. Do they still have that kind of influence or are these disciples of Michael Moore talking out of their backsides. That would explain the smell!

Well, I finally got so fed up that I posted on my facebook page that if these conspiracy GENIUSES are SOOOO sure of what they're saying, then they should put together a possey of WTC survivors, Retired fire fighters and family members of those who were on the planes and those who lost family in the WTC, and take down Bush and Clinton. September 11th is 10 years old. How come no one thought to kill those who SUPPOSEDLY did the killing? JF Kennedy was taken down by someone who got angry enough! Surely, there is enough righteous anger against people who are 'believed' to have done the deeds that killed so many. In the meantime, the REAL killers, that is, those like minded, can slowly infiltrate and take over.

I cannot WAIT for heaven. This place is getting to crazy for me!