Videos: Dr. Gary Habermas on What Jesus Said...

Philosopher and resurrection expert Gary Habermas was recently featured on the Day of Discovery Series titled What Jesus Said.

The following are 4 videos of Dr. Habermas from the series:

1. What Jesus said about the Resurrection, Pt 1

2. What Jesus said about the Resurrection, Pt. 2

3. What Jesus said about Who He Is

4. What Jesus said about following Him

As Dr. Habermas' site notes:

"These are very large files that we are not able to divide or compress any further. We suggest that you download the files and watch them on your computer as two separate steps. To do this, right click (PC) or click hold (Mac) and select the option to save the file from the resulting pop-up menu. The download time will vary depending on the speed of your internet connection."


To learn more about Dr. Habermas, go here.

Courage and Godspeed,