An Easy Way to Remember Evidence for the Trustworthiness of the Bible

Faith Facts is a great resource dealing with various apologetic topics.  One of the resources they offer is a great acronym to help remember some of the evidence for the trustworthiness of the Bible.

The acronym is M.A.P.S.

M- Manuscript Evidence

A- Archaeological Evidence

P- Prophetic Evidence

S- Statistical Evidence

Easy Summary for Memorization

For more great resources, check out Faith Facts here.

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Hi, Chad.

When I hear arguments like those mentioned in your link, I often think about the idea of scholarly consensus.

I appreciate when Christians speak about the importance of scholarly consensus, e.g. the minimal facts regarding the argument for Jesus resurrection. However, I rarely hear those same Christians speak about the importance of scholarly consensus when the consensus differs from Christian beliefs, e.g. that Moses actually wrote the Torah, that Daniel actually wrote book of Daniel, that Isaiah actually wrote the book of Isaiah, etc.

The aforementioned Christian beliefs seem to be contradicted by by scholarly consensus opinions.

Do you agree? If so, how do these consensus opinions affect you?

Chad said…
Hello Mr. Charles,

I would want to ask if you are under the impression that we must know who wrote a book in order to conclude that it is historically trustworthy.