Video: The Ontological Argument (The Introduction)

The Ontological Argument is possibly the most misunderstood argument for God's existence.  I have always found the argument to be fascinating.

The above video is quite possibly the best I have seen on the topic.

The Ontological Argument is as follows:

1. It is possible that God exists.
2. If it is possible that God exists, then God exists in some possible worlds.
3. If God exists in some possible worlds, then God exists in all possible worlds.
4. If God exists in all Possible Worlds, then God exists in the actual world.
5. If God exists in the actual world, then God exists.

Before rolling your eyes and claiming that it's ridiculous or thinking that this argument is to difficult to grasp, I encourage you to watch the video; perhaps more than once!


Courage and Godspeed,