Video: God and Arguments from Morality by Chad A. Gross

This video features a talk I recently gave at my home church Faith Christian Fellowship entitled "God and Arguments from Morality."  In the talk, I present a version of the Moral Argument for God's existence, explain why relativism doesn't work and address some common confusions people have when discussing a universal Moral Law.

Here is a brief outline of the talk:
  • Two Types of Relativism
  • What Makes a Good Argument?
  • The Moral Argument
    • Every law has a law giver.
    • There is a Moral Law
    • Therefore, there is a Moral Law Giver
  • Confusions
    • "Cultures have different values so how can moral values be universal?"
    • "Difficult problems in morality prove that there is no universal Moral Law."
    • "Some values conflict."
    • "Morality is relative to time and culture."
  • How Does the Moral Argument Directly Relate to the Gospel?
Apologetics315 has the audio here.


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