Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Article: Is There Any Evidence for the Soul? by J. Warner Wallace

In this featured article, author and speaker J. Warner Wallace defends the existence of the soul.

He writes:

"This concept of dualism, the recognition of two co-existent realms and realities, is critical to our faith as Christians. If dualism is NOT true (the opposite view is often called ‘monism’ or ‘physicalism’) then there is no realm in which God exists, we have no souls designed for salvation and life with God, and there is no life beyond this one. That’s why the examination of the TRUTH of dualism is so important."

In this article, Wallace addresses some of the following topics:

  • Can we prove it (the soul) with science?
  • Evidence from the Law of Identity
  • The differences between the brain and the mind
  • The differences between the body and soul
  • Evidence for an immaterial, unseen reality

Check out the entire article here.

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